Year 2 Day 266 Little Big Horn Battlefield National Memorial

This morning, Mary Margaret and I drove the very short distance over to the Little Big Horn Battlefield Memorial. It is the location of the last great battle that was fought between the Native American Indians and the white man where the Indians won. However, the Indians now share with us that it is where they won the battle but they lost their land.

The history and events that lead to and then during this battle are complex but I have found an excellent YouTube video of a National Park Service Interpreter giving a presentation of these events and the battle. Instead of trying to paraphrase what I learned from watching it along with what we learned at the Memorial’s Visitors Center, I am embedding that video into this blog. I strongly suggest that you watch it as what you will learn is amazing. The watch the video Click Here

Here is a map of the battlefield that shows the movements of the battle.

Map Of Little Bir Horn

I will post the many photos that we took while walking and then driving throughout the battlefield.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow, we leave our campsite here and continue west with our destination being Buffalo Bill State Park, that is in the eastern shadow of Yellowstone National Park.

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