Year 2 Day 241 A Little Romp

We really like our little state park near Camp Douglas in west central Wisconsin.  There is enough space between each site so you don’t feel intruded upon by your neighbors, there are plenty of trees and bushes to let you know you are in the center of a lush, green forest, the ground is hard yet porous so there is no standing water and LeuC’s big, heavy tires do not sink in or tear up the grass, and there is some very interesting geology to explore with trails that will take you to each of the sea stacks that so dominant the area we are in.

We are anxious to go hiking to get “up close and personal” with the sea stacks but we are going to wait a day before we do so.  Our hope is the ground along the trails will be drier tomorrow, allowing us to hike without having to dance around any standing water or slip on wet leaves that line the trails.  We believe that by delaying a day will also allow the wet underbrush to dry out a bit so when we push through the underbrush, we will not end up getting drenched.  After so many days of heavy rain, we have our fingers crossed that waiting a day will be enough.  We are here only a few days and on Friday will continue making our way to the Pacific Northwest.

While traipsing down wet trails was not an option today, I was not prevented from hopping into our cute little Fiat and scouting out the area and taking some photos to share.  Thus, today’s blog is more of a pictorial blog as the photos will do the talking.

Views of Our Campsite Here At Mill Bluff State Park


The Land Is Dominated By Limestone and Sand, Remnants Of An Ancient Giant Lake With Sea Stacks Dotting The Countryside


The Swimming Pond At Our Park Has A Natural Sandy Bottom and Beach


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