Year 2 Day 239 47 Years Wow!

Today is our 47th anniversary. On this day, way back in 1971, Mary Margaret and I shared our vows in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Each year since, Mary Margaret jokingly tells me that she will review the terms of our contract and let me know if it will be renewed. Well, at least I hope she is joking… Whether she is joking or not, we have been married for a very long time. I, jokingly, call her St. Mary Margaret because she has put up with me for so long.

We actually met 48 years ago today, we got engaged 47.5 years ago today and coincidently, we married 47 years ago today.

Yesterday, I had suggested that we go out to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner in celebration. However, this morning Mary Margaret suggested that we stay here in LeuC and she would whip up her delicious fettuccini alfredo. That was an idea that I could not refuse. Thus, instead of kicking up our heels and celebrating our special day in a fancy restaurant, we had a quiet day and wonderful dinner and a restful evening.

Each year our celebration has been so different. Some years have been in exotic places as we sailed around the world, other years have been shared with our kids as they grew up at home, and now, we share it in a little state park in northern Illinois. However, it really doesn’t matter where we are or how we celebrate it. What counts is that I and my lifemate are still together and enjoying our lives together.

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