Year 2 Days 236 and 237 Headin’ Down The Road Again

Yesterday, we bundled up LeuC and headed out, going down the road once more. This time we are making our way back to the West Coast. Specifically, our goal is Blaine, Washington, nestled up against the Canadian border and the Puget Sound. My brother Don, and his wife, Debbie, have just moved there and we wish to visit them in their new house. We hope to arrive there in mid-October.

Lansing To Blaine

Our first stop along our route to Blaine, was Michigan City, Indiana. We stopped and parked LeuC in a huge, back parking lot of the Blue Chip Casino.

Most casinos welcome RVers with the expectation that they will either gamble or dine in the casino. We actually did both. Mary Margaret loves to play the slots and more often than not, she walks away with some the casino’s money jingling in her pocket. Yesterday was no exception, as after a few hours of playing, she won about $20. Whoo Hoo!

We also enjoyed the wonderful buffet that the casino offered. Actually, the buffet was one of the better buffets we have seen. There were all kinds of fare to sample from large steamed shrimp, to grilled fish to big, thick, smoked kielbasa, a huge slab of roast beef which was sitting next to a large golden-brown turkey with all of the trimmings. There were just too many mains and sides to mention. Then, of course, a dessert area with pies, cakes, cookies, brownies and…wait for it… hand dipped ice cream! Ooooh, so good! After sampling this smorgasbord of yummies, we waddled back to LeuC, fat, dumb and happy.

This morning, we arose early as we were facing a drive around Chicago. We had been warned that the drive through Chicago was awful due to lots of highway construction and God-awful traffic. Even though it was Saturday, we chose to go around Chicago and to leave at 7 AM. Such a strategy would add about 50 extra miles to our route but it worked out well as we also avoided the heavy tolls that one pays to cross through the city.

We faced little traffic as we traveled down the I-80 interstate highway and then up the I-39 interstate to Rockford, Illinois. Here, we left the freeways and arrived at Rock Cut State Park around 11 AM. Alas, our camping site was still occupied since campers do not have to vacate their respective sites until 3PM. In our case, the occupants did not leave until about 5 PM, ignoring the rules as they were away from their site, visiting friends in a different part of the park. Grrrr.

At 3 PM, I returned to the park office and asked if we could move from our reserved site to another one that had been properly vacated on time. This was done and now we sit in a nice little site, plugged in with the A/C running on a hot and humid day.


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