Year 2 Day 226 Fore!…And 5…And 6…And, Yes, Even 7…

The good news is that my back is healed and I can now play golf. The bad news is that my back is healed and I can now play golf.

After more or less being hobbled by a pulled lower back muscle this last week, I was feeling chipper enough this morning to venture to the local golf course and play 18 holes of golf. Just a couple of miles from our campground is a very nice 9-hole course with a slope rating of 127. For non-golfers, that is just a way to say that the course is moderately challenging. While only nine holes, each hole was regulation length with two of them over 500 yards. The greens were in great shape as was the rest of the course. There were enough ponds and streams on the course to make it interesting and demand accuracy. The green fees were only $25 for 18 holes and that included a cart. What a deal!



I was able to play two rounds of this course, getting in 18 holes. It was a beautiful, sunny day but a bit humid, which I really started to feel during the second nine holes.

While I did score under a 100 (not a great feat since I was playing rather liberal being a single with few others on the course), it was a bit ugly. Only one club was working, which was my driver. I was able to consistently drive between 220 and 250 yards and hitting most of the fairways. My irons, well, that was another story. My putter was not too bad but I must admit that I did three putt a couple of holes. This all resulted in a couple of pars, a fair number of bogies, more double bogies than I would like to admit and yes even a couple of triple bogies, which yielded a 98 for the day. In a word, it was ugly!

Oh well, at least I was able to get out and play, which was the first time since we were in Pennsylvania about two months ago. Plus, I know my back is now well and it can, once more, stand the riggers of golf. Yea!

Tomorrow, we bundle up LeuC and head off for Lansing, the capital of Michigan. My 50th reunion is coming up this weekend and we will be staying in a RV park just outside the capital. It is the only place we can stay at that is near East Lansing, where I graduated from high school, 50 long years ago.

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