Year 2 Days 215 and 216 Renewing Insurance

Yesterday we did our “slug” imitation and just rested the day away.  Actually, we worked on evaluating insurance policies for our RV and Fiat.  Our current set of policies are up for renewal shortly and we were not pleased with the renewal costs going up.  This is especially true since we were not involved in any accidents and no claims were made.  The increases motivated us to research other companies that specialize in RV insurance.


Both our Fiat and LeuC are covered under policies issued by National General that are offered through the Good Sam’s Club.  The Good Sam’s Club is an organization for RV’ers that we belong to.  We also belong to the Family Motor Coach Association, another organization for RV’ers.  They have chosen Progressive to offer insurance policies to their members.


It took me awhile to read once again our existing policies and then compare it to the policies offered by Progressive to see where the differences were, especially with exclusions and limitations.  What I learned is that the Progressive policies were a bit more comprehensive and significantly less expensive.  Thus, I had an extensive discussion with their agency over the phone to get a better understanding of the coverages I would be buying and the quotes they gave us.


I also inspected the ratings and reviews on each agency and discovered that National General was rated 5 stars while Progressive is rated 4.5 stars.  The negative reviews I read about both companies appeared to be mostly from people who had bought used RVs and were mad that their respective insurance company was claiming that damage occurred prior to ownership and coverage.  Relying on ratings and reviews can be somewhat problematic at times since you really don’t know how the ratings are created nor do you know the details of what lead up to the reviews.  However, we have met a local FMCA Chapter President and she did say some nice things about the insurance carrier (Progressive) that FMCA works with.


As it turned out, after discussions with Mary Margaret, we opted to switch providers and go with Progressive. The two policies, one for our Fiat and one for our RV, came in over $600 less than our current policy with broader coverages and with significantly lower deductibles.  The wisdom of our selection will only be born out if we ever make a claim.  Hopefully, the service they provide will meet our expectations.


Today, we bundled up LeuC and drove a couple of hours south to the Rifle River Recreational Area.  Our campground is on Grousehaven Lake, near Lupton, Michigan.  Like the Aloha State Park campground, it also reminds us of a RV park, with campers packed in close to each other.  Tomorrow, I will write a bit about this campground and offer pictures so you can see what I mean.

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