Year 2 Day 151 Family and Pasta

Today, during a massive rain storm that totally drenched the Washington DC area, Mary Margaret, her two sisters, Lonie and Gaby, their two respective husbands, Rich and Bernie, and I had a wonderful dinner at a very trendy DC restaurant called Sfoglina.  It’s renowned for its pasta and we were not disappointed.  Rich has made the reservations for the 6 of us and we were pleasantly surprised that they had set up a table in a primo room which we had all to ourselves.  Whoo Hoo!  This allowed us to celebrate getting together and having a great time without noise impacts from other tables.20180531_184547-001

I love pasta and was not disappointed.  I had the chef’s special for the night, which was spugnole pasta with a rabbit ragu and a few sun-dried tomatoes.  It was to die for!  First, I was not familiar with spugnole pasta and was delighted to learn that it is a sponge shaped pasta that is designed to capture lots of sauce, especially light sauces which the rabbit ragu was.  Each bit was a taste sensation with an explosion of flavors bursting on my tongue. OMG!  THE BEST!20180531_184537

The evening was fun as the three sisters and we spouses enjoyed the conversations and the wonderful food and drinks.  There were lots of laughing and grins on faces.  We even had a surprise visit from Lonie’s youngest daughter, Sarah, and her cute little daughter, Finn.  They live just a block or so away and knew that we would be having dinner here.  What a nice treat!

While we were enjoying dinner, a massive storm rolled over the Washington DC area and monsoon like rained pounded on Connecticut Avenue, the street that was in front of us.  The street was not designed for such a downpour and we oohed and ahhed as the street started to become swamped with the rain.  Fortunately, the downpour only lasted a half hour so the flooding was minor.  By the time our dinner was over, the rain had stopped and we were able to walk to our cars without getting wet.  Yea!

Earlier in the day, I had a chance to walk around our campground and explore the park we are staying in.  The pictures I took can give you a better idea of the beauty that I experience so I will not even try to describe it.  I hope you enjoy them.



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