Year 2 Days 138 and 139 Chippokes Plantation State Park, Jamestown, VA


Yesterday, it poured, poured and poured some more.  While where we had set up LeuC was relatively dry, just a few feet away, where our fire ring and picnic table were located, was under water.  We had received Flash Flood warnings for the next two days and the warnings were accurate.  Needless to say, we spend yesterday hunkered down, nice and dry within the very comfortable ambiance that LeuC provides.


This morning, between rain bursts, we bundled up LeuC, made a quick drive over to the dump station to discharge our accumulations of our grey and black water tanks.  We also hooked up our little Fiat to LeuC and made an escape down the road.  We regretted leaving the Falls Lake’s Rolling View Campground without having much of a chance to explore it and its surrounding areas.  However, the rain was just too much of a wet blanket to get out and explore.


Our goal today was to continue our drive north with our destination the Chippokes Plantation State Park, located right across the James River from Jamestown, Virginia.  It rained during the entire 3.5 hours of our drive.  Most of the time, the rain was just a drizzle, but it kept our speed down some, especially on the miles of country back roads we had to take to get to our campground.  These backroads did not have any shoulders, had overhanging branches, and tons of sharp curves.  Our RV’s GPS kept on “dinging”, announcing warnings of “sharp curves ahead”.  Even though the speed limit ranged from 45 to 55 MPH, I had to keep LeuC’s speed down to the 35 to 50 MPH range to keep her on the wet roads.


When we arrived, we discovered that our campground is very “sweet” and is nestled within another deciduous and pine forest.  If this state park is any indication of what the rest of the state parks of Virginia are like, they are doing an awesome job!  We have a very large pull-though site with 50 Amps of power, water, a large gravel area next to us which houses a nice picnic table and a fire ring.  Sweet!


We are located on a former plantation which is in the heart of the Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg historical areas.  Even with rain being forecast during our stay here, we are definitely going to spend some serious time touring these areas!



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