Year 2 Day 123 Our Campground At Fort McAllister State Park


The campground where we are staying just outside of Savannah is rather unique.  Not only is it part of a National Historical Park, but it is isolated on an island in the middle of a saltwater wetlands area.  There is a narrow earthen causeway which connects it to the mainland but that causeway is over 1/2 miles long.  The island is reserved for camping but also offers a boat dock and boat ramp.  Plus, it has a wonderful nature trail where I spied a large white tail deer the other day.Aerial Photo Fort McAllister.jpg

There are 6 loops, 2 of which are dedicated to tent camping.  The other loops allow tent or RV camping.  Many sites are drive through, which makes entry and exiting very easy.  Specifically, you do not have to back into the site as you do in most campgrounds.  The campground also offers split firewood for sale at 10 pieces for just $5.  This is a very reasonable price.  The down side is the wood is green so to use it, you need to split it further into much smaller pieces.  Otherwise, you can not get it to light.20180428_164622

To better give you an idea as to how wonderful our campground and site that we are camping at is, I will post a few photo montages below.

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