Year 2 Days 76 to 78 Home Again



We wrapped up our week at the golf and spa resort yesterday by getting in another round of golf, going to a really great movie (The Greatest Showman), and returning to one of the best Italian restaurants we have ever eaten at (Gianmarco’s).  We had hoped that Mary Margaret could have ridden with me while I played golf but when I went to check in, I was told that my 3-some had been turned into a 4-four.  Grrrrr!  If that was not bad enough, I discovered when I got to the first tee that the young lady that had checked me in was mistaken and I would be playing with another couple and we were actually a 3-some.  Double Grrrrr!


The course was sloppy due to the rain we had the previous day and night so it was cart path only.  Plus, when you hit your ball, it would plug when it landed and you would get very little role.  It made for a very long day.  On the positive side, with all of the walking, I did get almost 13,000 steps in, which translated to almost 6.5 miles of walking up and down many, many steep hills and banks.  My score reflected the conditions we played in as I struggled and shot a 103.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the couple I played with and the beautiful scenery I played in.


The previous day, due to the rain, we opted to spend the day at the movies and enjoyed watching “The Greatest Showman”.  It is a wonderful song and dance film centered on the life of P. T. Barnum.  We enjoyed it so much that after the show we ran over to Barnes and Noble and bought the sound track.  We have not done that it a very long time!


We finished the day off by returning to Gianmarco’s and were, once again, waited on by our new friend, Seth.  Mary Margaret had their lasagna, which was to die for, while I dove into a large bowl of linguini fradia volo with clams, shrimp, sausage and spicy marinara…. yum!  For desert, I returned to their rum cake in which Seth brought a little extra rum for me to drizzle over it and Mary Margaret enjoyed their very decadent flourless chocolate cake.  To make the night complete, Seth told us that if we ever returned to Birmingham, we would have to stay at his house and meet his family.  How special is that!


Today, we loaded up our cute little Fiat with our bags and returned to LeuC, who had been patiently waiting for us back in Mississippi.  Along the way we stopped at Costco and loaded up with all kinds of goodies.  When we arrived at our Blue Bluff Campground we gave LeuC a big hug and kiss, unpacked our bags, put away the provisions we bought at Costco and then drove LeuC over to the sump dump to empty her black and grey water tanks.  We had left them full when we went off for our week of being pampered.


When we returned to our camping site we then settled back and relaxed, safe and sound back home.  Yay!


Tomorrow, our son-in-law’s parents, Peggy and Jim, along with their youngest son, Mark, will be coming over to visit.  They are driving back to Tucson after attending their other son’s wife’s baby shower in Atlanta.  Nate and Katie are having a little girl as their first-born.  Whoo Hoo!

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