Year 2 Day 65 Blue Bluff Campground, US Army Corp of Engineers


After a leisurely breakfast, we bundled up LeuC and broke camp.  It was hard to say goodbye to our beautiful site at the Clarkco State Park but we were anxious to drive up to Aberdeen, Mississippi where our next site is located.


The drive was short and easy, taking just 2.5 hours to travel the 135 miles, since our journey was mostly along US 45.  US 45 is a wonderful 4 lane divided highway that is filled with scenic views of gently rolling hills covered with pine and deciduous forests, interspersed with cattle and horse farms.  We are still amazed at how beautiful Mississippi is.


To get to Blue Bluff campground, we had to drive through the little town of Aberdeen.  The town looked to be quaint and sleepy with buildings dating back to the early part of the last century. downtown Aberdeen, MS 2

We were put on guard by a warning sign as we drove into it.  The sign read: “No heavy trucks allowed”.  Gulp!  While technically LeuC is not a truck, she certainly is heavy, weighing about 20 tons.


The streets were a bit narrow and there were many trees with their branches reaching out trying to grab LeuC as we slowly drove by.  However, the town is rather small so in just a few minutes we popped out of it on its far side unscayed.  We were now just a few miles from our campground.


As Aberdeen grew smaller and smaller behind us, an old crumbling concrete bridge laid in front of us.  Double Gulp!  A sign in front of the bridge gave its weight limitations.  17 tons!  Triple gulp!  So close to our destination, yet so far away…


Being bold and a bit foolhardy, we plowed ahead and slowing eased onto and then over the bridge.  Needless to say, we made it without any problems.  Whew!  Probably not the smartest thing we have ever done but our options were limited.  The roadway leading to the bridge did not allow us to turn around and we would have had to disconnect our little Fiat and back up a long, long ways to find a place to turn around.  Anyway, that is my excuse for my stupidity and I am sticking with it.


Shortly after crossing over the bridge we turned into the Lake Aberdeen part of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.  Prior to researching our campground, we had never heard of this waterway.  We discovered that it is a manmade waterway using series of canals, dams and locks to connect various lakes and rivers, thus creating a commercial waterway thoroughfare from the middle section of the US to the Gulf of Mexico.


Our campground is located in a forest that lines the of banks of Lake Aberdeen.  Build by the US Army Corp of Engineers, it is a remarkably beautiful campground.  The site is literally right on the water and our views are amazing!  I will let the photos I have taken so far provide you with the views we are surrounded by.








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