Year 2 Days 43 and 44 Yep, It Sure Rains A Lot Near Houston

Yesterday, it was cold and overcast all day. It never got out of the 40s and it seemed like it was actually in the 30s since you could see your breath. Brrrrr. Thus, it was a great day to go to the movies in Beaumont. We went and saw the third sequel to 50 Shades of Grey. It was a great show and we both enjoyed it. Plus, the theater had reclining lounge chairs. Very comfortable!

Today, while the temperature slowly rose, the warmer air mass also brought lots and lot of rain. It was a heavy rain that lasted all day. It was so heavy that we lost our satellite TV reception. However, we still had pretty good Internet reception so we just watched our shows using our Tablet and had its screen projected onto our large TV in the living room. Technology is great when you can get it to work!

We stayed cooped up in LeuC all day since it never stopped raining. Ugh!

The temperatures are supposed to continue to raise through the night with tomorrow’s temperatures being in the 70s. However, a few of the weather maps that we look at are still showing this area having scattered rain for a number of days. Double ugh.
When I am trapped inside, I slowly go stir crazy and this forced coop-up is no exception. It is especially hard since I know that our visit to New Orleans is just around the corner. Yea!

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