Year 2 Day 12 Kartchner Caverns State Park

We finally left La Mesa RV around 11:30 after discovering that they did not know how to fix the toilet in our powder room. Apparently, the electronic toilet is a new model which they have never worked on before. After waiting a couple of hours for the Tiffin technician to return their call for help, our technician came and told us that he would have to pull the toilet and pressure test it before he could determine what was wrong. Since we had to be 150 miles southeast of Mesa this afternoon, we decided not to proceed with fixing the toilet until we arrive at the Tiffin facility in Red Bay, Alabama this coming March. We can survive just fine with the main bathroom toilet… as long as that one does not fail!

The drive to Kartchner State Park was uneventful and once we arrived, we immediately pulled into their dump station to empty our black and grey water tanks before going to our campsite. As we were finishing, Christina, Michael and their kids pulled up with their extended cab pickup truck, pulling their rented trailer. What great timing! They had come from Tucson, about an hour away.

We both then proceeded to our respective campsites and set up. We are within about 100 feet of each other and will be spending a lot of time together. Once we were set up, Mary Margaret and I, armed with a handful of beers to share, went over to Christina and Michael’s site to get a tour of their accommodations. It pretty clever how it is designed, allowing a family of 5 to travel in style. The kids were being entertained by watching cartoons, while Christina and Michael were putting the finishing touches on their temporary abode.

After our tour, we returned to LeuC to start preparations for dinner. Michael had made a great spaghetti sauce which needed to be heated up and the noodles and salad had to be prepared. While Mary Margaret did that, Michael and I, along with their youngest, Wyatt, met our neighbors. They had a 1 year old dog that got very excited around Wyatt and nipped his hand. Fortunately, no blood was spilled but big tears ensued. Already, the big camping adventure had started!

Dinner was delicious and once the dishes were cleared away, Isaac and Stella helped me start the campfire. They were very anxious to roast marshmallows, which were to be the hit of the night! As the adults sat around enjoying the fire, the kids worked on getting their sugar high and one, and then another, and another and another and another marshmallow was crisped brown and then popped into the mouth of each kid. They loved them, even when some fell to the ground. Yum!


The last half hour of the evening was spent trying to coral the kids as they were now filled with new found energy. It was a hoot to watch as Isaac lead Stella and Wyatt in a program of calisthenics by doing leg stretches, jumping jacks, and other creative forms that I had not seen before. Both Isaac and Stella are in kiddie gymnastic classes each Saturday, so I am guessing this is where they learning their routines.
Tomorrow, the clan will regroup in LeuC with Christina and Michael making breakfast for all and then we will go out and explore the visitor center and caverns. Since Wyatt is still too young to go, he and Mary Margaret will “entertain” each other while we are away.

3 thoughts on “Year 2 Day 12 Kartchner Caverns State Park”

  1. I found your sailing blog and, therefore, your RV blog! It was such a treat to meet you at Kartchner Caverns and discuss your sailing adventures! It’s been a longtime goal of mine to begin sailing and I had committed to learning in 2018; so it was fortuitous to have met you! I’m quite impressed with both of your blogs, as you articulately discuss your nomadic lifestyle! I’ve already begun reading several of them! Since 10 years is a lot to catch up on, do you have any particular posts that really stand out that you’d recommend I read (either some scary moments as you were making passage, some major lessons that you learned the hard way, etc)? I’m just thrilled to have camped next to you and had the discussion we had and I’m looking forward to following your RV adventures and catching up on your sailing adventures and to possibly stay in touch for many years to come! I’m taking your suggestion and signing up for a sailing class on Lake Pleasant before I venture to a class in the ocean! Baby steps are good! 🙂

    Chris Compton


    1. Chris, Thank you for your kind comment. I am not sure how you discovered our blogs but am pleased that you did. Our sailing experiences were so remarkable that I am not sure I can isolate specific dates for you to read. Instead, I suggest that you start in the beginning and skim each day and then stop and inspect those that you find to be the most interesting to you. The worst weather we had were during two specific passages. The first was going from Bora Bora to American Samoa . That was in 2010 and we averaged 7 bad storms a day during the 7 day passage. The other was in 2014 when we sailed down the South African coast. That was a wild ride! Bad weather was a minor inconvenience which only was experienced about 5 percent of our time. Don’t let the concern of weather bother you. Just become a “fair weather sailor” and sit tight if you are concerned about the weather until it passes! Do follow your dream!


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