Year 2 Day 5 Getting Ready

After spending two two-week periods here at the Del Valle Recreational Area, it is time to move on. We have enjoyed our time here with the park’s spacious camp site’s, scenic locale, and roaming wild animals including deer, turkeys, bobcats, Canadian geese and swans. The only things we did not like about this park is that we do not have Internet or cell phone coverage due to being nestled deep between two high mountain ridges that also contain the reservoir that is the heart of the recreational area.

Another advantage of this park is that it is relatively close to our two kids, Heather and David Paul, and their respective families. It is one of the few public parks in California that is set up for big rigs such as LeuC. It also is the first public park that we have been to that had electrical, water and sewer hookups at each campsite. This is a real luxury because we do not have to drive LeuC to a sewer dump whenever our black or grey water tanks are full. This let Mary Margaret do laundry whenever she wanted to without any concern of overfilling our grey water tank. This was especially nice since Heather and Victoria spent about a week with us and Victoria, being a one-year old created lots of dirty clothes.

Getting ready for us means that we go shopping, getting the provisions, we need for the upcoming journey and restocking our basic necessities. I also inspect LeuC, making sure that all of her fluids are full, there are no other issues such as loose fittings or nuts, the tire pressure is OK, the windshield is clean, etc., etc., etc.

With that done, I built one last fire, enjoying my Cuban and the warmth that the fire provides. It actually was nice and warm today with the highs touching the low 70’s but as the afternoon waned, the dark clouds moved in and it starting raining as bedtime neared.

We actually have had very little rain during our one month stay here, even though we are in the heart of California’s rainy season. This has made our time here especially nice, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty this park has. It has been very nice.

Tomorrow, we head down the road again, with our goal of returning to Kartchner Caverns State Park, outside of Tucson. We will be joined by our other daughter, Christina, and her family, who will be trying out a trailer that they will be pulling behind their plush pickup truck.

Along the way, we will be making a stop at Mesa, Arizona, where we hope to have an electrical issue taken care of that has been burning out our ceiling lights, one by one. 25 of our 50 plus ceiling lights have now burned out. Go figure!

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