Year 1 Day 110 A Sunny Day, A Frosty Night

The weather continues to be sunny and beautiful during these last few days of 2017. For this week, we have our daughter Heather and her foster daughter, Victoria, staying with us. This is the first time we have had other people staying with us. At times, it is an adventure since Victoria has only just turned 1 years old. The floor can be a landmine with plastic letters and numbers, books and toys strewn around, along with a playpen and highchair, making stepping a challenge. So far, none have been broken as we dance around them, making our way around the living room. It has been great spending time with both our girls since we usually do not get much time to see them.

While the skies have been cloudless for the most part, letting lots of sunshine shine down on us and warming up the afternoons to the upper 60s, it also allows the warmth of the land to escape at night. This results in the lows creeping down onto the low 30s. In fact, this morning everything was covered with a heavy frost as the outside thermometer read 27 degrees! Brrrrrr, that is cold!

When the outside temperature drops to freezing, our three heat pumps turn off to prevent their fins from frosting up. It a word, they STOP working. When that happens, we have to rely on our electric fireplace and heated floors to keep warm. The fireplace alone keeps the bus relatively warm, somewhere in the low 60s when the outside temps are in the 30s. However, with both the floor and fireplace working in tandem, the bus stays nice and warm, somewhere in the low 70s.

The only trouble with using the floor heating is that we have to roll up the large rug that we have in our living room because keeping it on the floor will overheat the floor if we don’t. We prefer to have the rug down because Victoria is now learning to walk, and without it, the porcelain tiles are too slippery to support her tentative steps. Thus, we roll the rug up at bedtime and lay it down each morning.

It is all in a day of the lives of R/Ver’s.

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