Year 1 Day 103 Another Baking Day

As we get ready to zip up to Sacramento for a few days, Mary Margaret was able to get another day of baking in. To do this, we drove over to David Paul’s and Allison’s house in San Ramon. Mary Margaret wanted to use their nice large oven. It is a conventional, electric element oven that Mary Margaret prefers. We only have a microwave/convectional oven in LeuC and Mary Margaret is not a great fan of it.

While she was baking the day away, I ran a number of errands, including a stop at Costco, to get a large chicken pot pie for dinner. I am not usually a fan of chicken pot pies but Costco makes a great one. It is huge! It only costs $10 but easily feeds a family of eight with each person getting a large serving. It is stuffed full of chicken (they make this pie on site, using that day’s rotisserie chicken that were not sold), and vegetables, all covered in a flakey, tasty crust. Yum!

We also had the added benefit to spend time with our kids and granddaughter, Molly, once they returned home from work. It was great!

Tomorrow, our first two week stint at the Del Valle Recreational Area campground comes to an end. They only allow one to stay for two week stretches. Thus, tomorrow we drive up to Sacramento for a few days to visit with our dear friends, Caroline and Joyce. We will return for another two weeks at Del Valle this Saturday, for our second and last two week period.

One thought on “Year 1 Day 103 Another Baking Day”

  1. I’m skipping my baking this year, but I am wth MM on the microwave/convection oven. We have one on our boat. It works better than I thought, but nothing like a real oven. And what is it about you Leu guys and pot pies!? I really like them, but can only have them when Don isn’t home. He didn’t even want one if I made it from scratch!


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