Year 1 Days 100 and 101 A Birthday Weekend



Events just seem to keep washing over us as we had another hectic weekend. First, we went over to David Paul and Allison’s house Saturday. They had asked us if we would come over and babysit for Molly while they went over to San Francisco for a friend’s birthday.

This was the first time Mary Margaret and I were able to babysit for Molly so we were happy to accept. Before we came over, we stopped at the supermarket so Mary Margaret could stock up on baking supplies. She was anxious to start her Christmas baking and saw this as an early opportunity.

After receiving our instructions, we waved goodbye to David Paul and Allison and settled down to an afternoon and evening with Molly. She was such a good kid and our babysitting chore was easy-peasy. The only little bump in the road was shortly after being changed for dirty diapers, Molly decided to go pee. Usually, this is not a big thing but this time she was sitting in my lap, gooing at the football game we were watching (she just loves watching football). Soon I felt a warm, wetness on my lap and realized that for the second time in a week, I had been christened by a granddaughter’ extraordinary effort. Earlier this week, Victoria was sitting on my lap when she had a massive “blowout”. While Molly blessed me with just a wet spot, I still had am impression they both were sending me a message!

During the evening, while I was playing with Molly, Mary Margaret was baking up a storm making dozens of cookies and a delicious loaf of Bishop’s bread. They were sooo good!

Today, we drove over to San Francisco to help with and attend Victoria’s first birthday party. While Mary Margaret helped Heather set things up, I ran a series of errands, including picking up the large birthday cake. Heather had invited a number of Victoria’s friends along with her friends so a large cake was required.

The party started with a guitarist leading a group sing with a number of children’s songs and Christmas carols. The kids loved this as they were able to not only sing along but also play kazoos that Heather provided and shaker balls that the guitarist provided.

After the music, a petting zoo that Heather hired was set up behind her condo and the party moved outside. The zoo was a big hit with both the kids and the parents as the animals were soooo cute and it was precious to watch the kids and animals together. All of the animals, which included various rabbits, chickens, ducks, a tortious, a pig and others, were all kid friendly and loved being picked up and petted.

The party closed with the presentation of the large cake, singing Happy Birthday and opening presents. I think Victoria enjoyed the opening of the presents just as much as the presents themselves and she was fascinated by the brightly colored ribbons and bows.


This certainly was another hectic weekend but it was so much fun being able to spend time with our grandkids and our kids!

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