Year 1 Days 97 and 98 Oh, Oh!

Yesterday, after spending a couple of days helping Heather taking care of Victoria, who was sick with the flu, Mary Margaret showed symptoms of contracting the flu herself. Oh Oh! Not good! She was running a low-grade fever, had a headache, her tummy was hurting and was just plain miserable. I offered to do anything I could but there really was not much I could do except to offer empathy.

This morning, she was feeling a little bit better so I left her to go play some golf which I had scheduled last week. The day was another sunny one with temperatures in the mid 60’s. I was anxious to try out the new golfs clubs that I had just acquired.

Once at the course, I was paired with a threesome and off we went. We all had fun and I scored well with a 91 but, truth be told, I did not shoot well. The course is a typical ridge and valley course with many of the greens on pedestals with sharp sloping sides. This type of course requires at lot of accuracy with your shots in order to avoid trouble as your ball rolls to unknown dangers. On the other hand, as you shoot down the fairways, working your way to the greens, many poor shots that normally would have been out of bounds, or lost in the rough, hit the sloping sides of the hills in which the course is nestled in, and roll back toward the fairway. I was saved many times with a lucky roll of the ball and was repeatedly rewarded with a good position for my second or third shot.

When I returned to LeuC and Mary Margaret I found her doing very much better with no fever, her tummy feeling much better and having just a small headache. Yea! It looks like the worst is behind her.

Tomorrow will be a rest day in hopes that Mary Margaret regains her strength for the weekend. We will be going to Allison and David Paul’s house on Saturday to babysit Molly so they can attend a friend’s birthday party in San Francisco and then on Sunday, we going to Heather’s house in San Francisco to attend VIctory’s1St birthday party. Yea!

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