Year 1 Day 96 Exploring Del Valle Recreational Park

Without my life mate by my side today, I twiddled my thumbs this morning, not knowing what to do with myself. It then struck me that I had not really explored the various parts of this park that we are camping in. With that in mind, I hopped in our rental car and drove around the roads within the park.

It is a large park that surrounds a large reservoir. It consists of 4395 aces and is filled with various hiking, bike and horse paths. It has a family and many group campgrounds and two day-use equestrian staging areas.

I first drove to the east side of the park and stopped at the boat launch. While the park is virtually empty since it is a weekday, there were a couple of boats in the reservoir with its occupants casting their fishing lines into the water. There were actually many more swans and geese in the water than fishermen.

The reservoir is pretty low now since we are at the end of the dry season. Thus, the upper end of the reservoir was dry with its silt and mud bottom exposed. About ¼ of the reservoir’s surface area is dry.

I will post the photos I took here to show you what I saw when I walked around and explored this side of the park.

I next drove over to the west side of the park. Along the way a small herd of black tailed deer pranced along the road. I stopped and took photos as they kept a watchful eye on me and then crossed the road right in front of me. I started driving again only after they had crossed and moved up a bank on the far side of the road.

I parked near the Visitor’s Center only to discover that it is closed for the season and will not open again until next May. This side of the park was totally empty of people but was filled with numerous picnic tables and BBQ grills. There was another dock but no boats at the dock since it was sitting on the dry silt being at the upper end of the reservoir.

I will post photos of this area, also.

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