Year 1 Day 94 Such A Beautiful Girl

This morning I did a little shopping since I had to get out of the park and drive over the high ridge that towers above us and blocks the Internet reception that we so miss. When I returned after shopping and dabbling with the Internet, David Paul, Allison and Molly drove up. What timing!

It was so good to see them again and see how much little Molly has developed. She is now a little over three months old and is demonstrating such a sweet and happy personality. Plus, she is such a beautiful girl with a head full of bright red hair, a Paul Newman blue eyes, very fair skin, and a smile that just lights up her face and radiates happiness throughout the room. Add to that the fact that she is a talker. She just delights in engaging in conversations. I bet you will never guess that she has stolen our hearts!

After giving a tour of LeuC to Allison and David Paul and then talking a bit, we decided to run over to Livermore for lunch. Allison and David Paul once ate at a great BBQ place in the old town section of Livermore.

To get there, we once again drove past the various vineyard that dot the landscape and when we arrived in the old town section of Livermore, we fell in love with it. Many of the buildings were original and in the art deco style. There were a couple of parks with green grass and one with a fountain. Children were playing in the little parks with their parents talking with friends as they watched the kids play. It was very nice to watch.

We trooped into Sauce and the aroma of BBQ meats surrounded us and put smiles on all of our faces. After a delicious meal of various BBQs served in heaping portions, all paired with peanut butter chocolate dark stout beer, we waddled out, stuffed to the gizzards.

Since we were already halfway to Allison and David Paul’s house, we decided to go there and chill. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon catching up with the kids and oohing and aahing over Molly and joined in the conversations.

Tomorrow, we driving into San Francisco to spend the day with Heather and Victoria. Victoria’s first birthday is in a week and we are anxious to go over the plans of her party with Heather.

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