Year 1 Day 86 Organized Chaos

This evening Christina and her family came over to LeuC to have dinner and spend the evening with us.  The kids were all excited and arrived while I was setting up the BBQ while watching TV outside.  The channel was quickly switched to the DisneyJR channel as we trooped inside to greet Grandma.

It was a treat for the kids to come over and a treat for us as we did not have to drive the 25 minutes over to their house for dinner.  However, I am not sure it was much of a treat for Christina and Michael.  While LeuC is spacious enough for the two of us, it is not like living in a house with lots of rooms and areas for adults and little kids to separate a little bit.  Instead, we are all in the kitchen-living-dining room area of the bus.


Before it got too dark, Michael and the kids joined me outside while the burgers were grilling, giving Mary Margaret and Christina some space to finish preparing the rest of the meal.  But once the burgers were done, we all teamed up for dinner inside LeuC.

To feed everyone, Mary Margaret had set up a few tray tables with Isaac and Stella plopped in front of the TV which Christina, Michael, Wyatt and I sat at our dinner table.  Mary Margaret had a tray table near us.

While cozy, it worked out just fine as we all enjoyed burgers, salad, homemade French fried sweet potatoes and olives.  The large green Spanish olives were especially loved by Stella as this little 3-year old could not get enough of them.


During the evening, we planned our outing for tomorrow, our last day here in the Tucson area.  The grains of sand which define our time here in Tucson are quickly falling to the bottom of the hourglass as on Sunday we start our 1000 mile drive back to the San Francisco area for the Christmas holidays.

We decided that tomorrow we will all get together to explore Sabina Canyon and have a picnic there. The deep canyon is gouged into the Santa Catalina Mountains with steep canyon walls that offer spectacular views of the canyon floor far below.  It is part of the Coronado National Forest.  What is unique is that cars are restricted and you can only hike, bike or take a park service tram up the far reaches of the canyon.  We did this once before, in 2013 and really enjoyed it.

Sabino Canyon

All too soon it was getting to be bed time for the little ones so they were rounded up and herding back into their mini-van for the trip home.  It was a fun evening, even with the chaos that the kids bring into our lives whenever we get together.

Now, if there just was some way to capture and bottle up all that energy…

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