Year 1 Day 72 Bouse Fisherman Geoglyph

We continued our journey back to Tucson this morning by driving the 189 miles to the BLM land just outside of Quartzsite, AZ.  It was through some of the most desolate land we have seen.  Our route was taking the I-40 freeway east to Needles, CA which is on the Colorado River.  The river marks the border between the two states.  As we entered Needles, we then took US 95 South.  This is a two-lane road that winds its way through two ancient volcanoes.  The ground was covered with a mantel of ejecta, which the volcanoes had spewed into the air eons ago.  Ejecta is basically molten lava which has exploded out of the volcano and then rapidly cools as it flies in the air and lands on the ground.  It is usually filled with vesicles of trapped gases which escape as the ejecta cools and cracks.  This leaves a rock that is pocked marked and sharp.  We were almost spattered with ejecta back in 2010 when we climbed a tall active Mount Yasur volcano on the island of Tanna, in the South Pacific, and oohed and aahed as the molten lava fell before us with each volcanic explosion.  It was quite a show!

We then turned onto CA 60 and crossed the Colorado River into Parker, AZ.  We then turned south and followed AZ 95 until we were about 5 miles north of Quartzsite.  This is where Plomosa Rd tees into Route 95 and is on BLM land.  We pulled off the road onto one of the many flat areas where RVs are allowed to park and camp.  We were here about two weeks ago and wanted to return so we could drive up Plomosa Rd to where the ancient geoglyph known as the Bouse Fisherman is located.

This geoglyph was created generations ago by the indigenous people.  Similar in concept to the famous drawings on the Nazca Plains of Peru, there are a few of such drawings here near the Colorado River.

The Bouse Fisherman is located just 7 or so miles up Plomosa Road so once we had settled LeuC into her spot for the night, we hopped into our little Fiat and drove up the road.  Once we reached the dirt pullout, we then walked about a ¼ miles along a 4-wheel drive, rutted path.  We spied a barbed wire fence that had a marker inside the fencing.  The rutted path continued into the fenced area for a little ways further where we saw another fenced area.  Not to be denied, I squeezed through the first fence and continued on.  Mary Margaret was a better person than I as she refused to trespass and stayed put.  The second fenced area contained the geoglyph of the fisherman.  I took a number of pictures and post them below.


The geoglyph was rather small, covering an area of about 100 x 100 feet.  It was nowhere as large as the geoglyphs on the Nazca Plains in Peru, but was still rather neat to behold.  Armed with photos, I returned to where Mary Margaret was patiently waiting and then we both returned to our car and finally our campsite.

Tomorrow, we press on and should arrive in Tucson in the afternoon.  We will be staying with our kind boondocking host, Richard, once more.  We will be there for two weeks as we share the Thanksgiving holiday with our daughter, Christina, and her family.



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