Year 1 Day 70 Rolling Down The Road

This morning we bundled LeuC up and then worked to turn LeuC around on Carolyn and Joyce’s driveway. We had 7 feet to play with and slowly moved LeuC back and forth, turning the wheels sharply first to the left and then the right as we rotated her around. Mary Margaret was outside directing me, keeping our wheels on the pavement and not on the lawn or garden.
Once turned around, I pulled out onto the street and stopped in front of the church that is next door. The road widens there and provides a nice place for us to reattach our little Fiat to the back of the bus.
With that done, we waved one last time to Carolyn who was watching us from her property. Carolyn and Joyce are such great friends and we can hardly wait to see them again, which will be just a few days before Christmas.
Our drive south, back down to the Harris Ranch near Coalinga was not eventful, although we have never seen so many trucks. The I-5 freeway is a major truck route, connecting Northern California and Southern California.
We will spend the night here and then continue on our way to Tucson tomorrow. Our goal for tomorrow is Ludlow, California. It is just a little old hole in the wall of a town, nestled along the historic Route 66 in the Mohave Desert.

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