Year 1 Day 61 Dear Friends

This morning we drove over to San Clemente to visit with Mary Margaret’s dear friend, Robin, and her sister, Pat.  In the past, when we lived on our sailboat, we would stay with Robin at her house for about a week and she would pamper us with great meals, strong, delicious coffee and wonderful wines and spirits.  We used Robins house as a base where we would run around for the week, fulfilling the various annual appointments we needed to keep.  However, now that we are back on land and have our own house on wheels, we went over to just spend the day.

After getting together and chatting, Mary Margaret and Robin went off together for a mani/pedi; enjoying their girl thing while I took our little Fiat and did a number of errands.  When we all returned to Robin’s house, Robin’s sister, Pat, came over and we all enjoyed a brunch of quiche, salad and fruits all paired with a wonderful dry rose’.  Ooooh, so good!  Robin and Pat are foodies like Mary Margaret and I and their skills at the epicurean side of the ledger are unmatched.

With our tummies full and smiles on our faces, we then hoped in our respective cars and drove over to our campsite in the Ronald W. Caspers Wilderness so Robin and Pat could see our new home.  When we arrived, they were rather shocked at how big LeuC was.  We have gotten used to this reaction by people who are just seeing LeuC for the very first time.  After all, she is 40 feet long, about 15 feet wide with the slides out, 13.5 feet high and weighs in at a trim 20 plus tons!  In other words, she is BIG!

They were a bit overwhelmed with how plush she is inside and the vision of the Leu’s “roughing it” in the wilderness quickly dissipated.  As the sun set over the western hills, they had to leave so avoid driving in the dark down the windy two-lane road that leads down from the mountains to the ocean.

It was so great seeing Robin and Pat again as we cherish their friendship and kindness.

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