Year 1 Day 38 Haircut, Laundry and Wasp Invasion


It is all just a day in the lives of Rv’ers.  Today started out innocently enough.  Mary Margaret threw in a load of clothes into our washer while I got our haircutting equipment out.  It had been awhile since my last haircut and I was now looking more like a shagging dog than a grandpa.

As the washing machine did its thing, Mary Margaret beautifully sheared my hair.  After she finished and I was putting away the haircutting stuff, Mary Margaret spied a wasp in our bathroom.  Using our electric mosquito swatter, I bzzzzzzzt the wasp.  It actually took two zaps of the swatter but the wasp was history.  However, before too long, Mary Margaret spied a second wasp, this one up front near the driver’s seat.  Another zap, another dead wasp.

By now we were scratching our heads, trying to figure out how the two wasps got into our bus.  Before we solved that mystery, Mary Margaret spied a third wasp inside our bus.  Once again, with a double zap of the electric swatter, another wasp was dispatched to wasp heaven.

With this third wasp, I was now thinking that maybe we had a nest that had established itself in the storage lockers under the floor of our RV.  Thus, I hustled to our little Fiat and drove off to Trinidad in search of an insect bomb that I could set off in the massive storage area we have.  Within an hour I had returned armed with a box of these cannisters.

Since you have to stay away from the fumigated area for two hours, we decided to head off to Trinidad for an early lunch while the bomb did its work.  I set it off, closed the locker doors, locked up the bus and off we went.

We discovered the Wonderful World Of China and had the most wonderful meal.  We ordered the house special for 2 which included soup, a hot platter of appetizers including spare ribs, beef, wantons, shrimp, and wrapped chicken.  Then came the main course of beef with vegetables, crispy walnut shrimp and fried rice with BBQ pork.  What a feast!  We had so much left over we had an entire meal for tomorrow!  Plus, each dish was delicious!  Thus, if you ever visit Trinidad, be sure to try this place out.  You will not be disappointed.

After our lunch, we drove around Trinidad to discover where things are that we wish to explore tomorrow and then returned to LeuC.  By now the fumes had dissipated and it appears that we are now wasp free.

Just another day in the lives…

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