Year 1 Day 31 Mixed Weather

The weather gods finally found us, tucked in here at the Trinidad Lake State Park in Colorado.  For the last couple of days, we have been watching this large and long front streak by us coming from the southwest.  Its edge has moved over us at night, dropping some brief showers and then moving past us during the daylight hours yielding some periods of sun and other periods of overcast.  Its last hurrah came this evening when we had a heavy, long deluge of a rain.  It was so heavy that we lost our satellite signal and had to switch to the Internet to watch TV.  It sounds kind of strange to us writing about watching TV.  During our 10 years of sailing without a TV, we really never missed it.  Now, in our RV, we have 4 of the darn things, one of which we really only watch.  Go figure.

With the front finally moving past us, we are looking forward to a number of bright, sunny days as we get ready to pack up and drive up to the Denver area tomorrow.  We are really excited about seeing Mary Margaret’s high school friend, Shalene, and her husband, David.  We still fondly remember the wonderful time we had together when they flew down to Tahiti in 2010 and spent a week or so with us on Leu Cat.  What great times!

Today, Dale and his wife Judy came over while I was working outside of our RV.  Dale wanted to give us some of the neat wooden toys he makes.  Judy also presented to me a paper trailer she made as a remembrance of them.  They used to be missionaries and Dale would make thousands of these toys in his workshop and then present them to the children of the villages overseas that they would visit.  Each one is very cleverly designed and the woodwork, while simple, is very sturdy in construction.  I will post a picture showing them below.  We loved the toys so much, Mary Margaret went over to their trailer to ask if we could buy some more. She made arraignments to buy some as Christmas gifts.  Each one is only $8 but so unique and fun.  Our grandkids will love them!

Here Are Dale and Judy.  Dale Is Holding a Whirlybird He Made and Judy Is Holding the Paper Trailer She Made

Here Is A Photo Of The Toys And Paper Trailer They Presented To Us

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