Year 1 Day 5: Making The Transition – Part 4

Boondocking: free camping, generally out in the boondocks.

Until we were getting ready to buy our RV, boondocking was a term that we were totally unfamiliar with. It is defined as  If you had followed our sailing adventure, you know that we abhorred anchoring in bays or harbors where there were a lot of other boats. We simply enjoyed finding remote islands, dropping the hook and exploring places which were well off of the beaten path. This mentally is still with us now that we have moved into a RV.

As it turns out, this mentally is embraced with a passion by other RVers such that a whole society of “boondockers” exists. In fact, there are a number of websites where people who wish to boondock can find sites to camp, many of which are well off the beaten path.


One website, founded by Andrew Koransky, is called With this site, you just plug in the coordinates that you wish to visit and a listing of boondocking sites pop up. Another website is called This site is the creation of Marianne Edwards and her daughter, Anna Maste. With this website, you can find thousands of people worldwide who are willing to host you on their property. Some places are on farms, others on ranches, other on estates, some are just on the street in front of their house. It is a wonderful way to travel and meet people who are typically RVers themselves and wish to “pay it forward” by offering a place to stay for a short while.

Since the concept of staying in an RV park is a bit abhorrent to us, this concept of boondocking is right up our alley. In fact, our very first place where we are currently staying is on an estate just north of Tucson which we found on We have been here almost 2 weeks while we outfit our new home. I will share with you more information of where we are at this coming Monday as we are having our host and his ex-wife (they are still best of friends) over for dinner Sunday night. He and I have already spent a few evenings sipping Scotch and smoking a few Cubans and discussing life in general. It has been great! When they come over I will take their pictures and post it so you can meet them also. They are very nice and friendly people!

I have taken some pictures of our bedroom and master bath in our new home. I post them below.

Here is the back end of our RV.  You walk through the solid cherry sliding door, leaving our kitchen area and entering our bedroom.  When you pass through the bedroom, you enter our bathroom.


Our bed is a king size bed which is motorized so you can tilt it up to watch TV.


In bed, you face the entertainment area and lots more cabinets to store things.  We still have the day and night shades down over the window to the right in order to keep the hot desert heat out.  We have three air conditioners/heat pumps to keep our interior nice and comfy.


I have now stepped into the far back our of RV where our bathroom and hanging closets are located.


Here is our nice shower.  It has two different shower heads!


This is our sink area.  We only have one sink since we opted for a bigger closet.  The closet even has a built in safe.


We even have a washer and drier in our bathroom.




2 thoughts on “Year 1 Day 5: Making The Transition – Part 4”

  1. The RV looks amazing! But I can’t imagine driving that thing around. Good thing that you’re at the wheel. I think I would just park it somewhere nice, live in it and never move it! 🙂 Great photos and I’m glad that your cute little Fiat held up under all the weight and transported you safely from SF to Arizona.


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