Year 2 Days 177 and 178 Lazy River RV Park

We moved on this morning from our campsite in Fork Run State Park to Granville, Ohio.  Granville is about 30 miles west of Columbus, Ohio, where we will be catching a flight to San Francisco very early tomorrow morning.  We will be spending almost 2 weeks there to attend a family wedding and to be with our daughter, Heather, and son, David Paul and their respective families.  Thus, this blog may be the last until we return to LeuC .


We are actually in our very first RV Park.  We have tried very hard to avoid staying in RV parks because we much rather stay in state parks, national parks, county parks and regional parks or just plain dry dock somewhere out in the wilds.  They offer much more privacy, are in the middle of forests or in the middle of deserts and are a bit more rustic and scenic than commercial RV parks.  Most of the RV parks we have looked in to tend to pack the RVs very close to each other.  They seem to to cater to families with kids and present a more social, community type of environment.  That is great if you have kids or wish to play bingo, or other group games.  However, that is not what we are into.  Instead, we are trying to explore this country and meet people more one on one instead of in a group setting.


However, since we wanted a very secure and safe place to park and leave LeuC for 2 weeks, we opted to come to the Lazy River RV Park.  To give you a flavor of what a typical RV park looks like, I have posted the following photos.

As you can see,  it appears to be a very nice park, with a nice gym set, a fancy climbing area and even a zip line.  There is also a huge swimming pool, a water fountain area that the kids can run through and a snack bar that serves hot dogs, burgers, ice cream cones, and a wide assortment of candy and pop.


If you look at the picture of our site with LeuC, you see the cheek to jowl spacing of the RVs behind us.  Where we are, there is nobody currently near us because these sites do not have a sewer hookup  like the other sites and therefore you located in this park caters just to the weekend crowd.  We are told that all of the empty sites next to us will be packed this weekend.  We are glad we will be missing that!


I am posting this blog in a hurry because we need to pack for our trip.  We leave at 4 AM tomorrow and there will not be time to blog then.  However, while we wait at the airport, I will try to post pictures of our last campsite and the areas I explored.  I was not able to do that previously because of the poor Internet we had. Hasta la vista, Baby!

2 thoughts on “Year 2 Days 177 and 178 Lazy River RV Park”

    1. We understand. The time to bury the hook occurs to all of us who love and live on the water. Continuing the cruising life on land is a great way to stay adventurous while acclimating back to land. For us, it is also a great way to discover where we finally want to settle down and live. Transitioning from living on a boat to brick and mortar with all the things that it entails can be difficult. Best of luck with this new phase of life!


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