Year 1 Day 23 Getting Ready To Head Down The Road

Tomorrow we start our first real journey.  Our destination is Denver, Colorado, where we have some friends (Shalene and David) who we have not seen in a number of years.  Our son-in-law’s brother, Nate and his wife, Katie, also live there and we hope to see them too.  Using the route, we hope to follow, the trip is about 1,050 miles.

We planned our trip in hopes of arriving on Friday, October 6th.  Along the way we plan to boondock in state parks and on BLM land in New Mexico and Colorado.  Our first stop will be in Columbus, New Mexico which is just few miles north of the Mexican border.  Columbus’ claim to fame is that it is where Pancho Villa invaded the US and fought the battle of Columbus against the US Army 101 years ago.  He fought against General Pursing and the young George Patton.  We will be staying at the Pancho Villa State Park.

It is about 270 miles and with stops, it should take us 5 to 6 hours to get there.  This is a little longer than what we wish to drive on each hop but it is the closest place where we can easily get into.  It is a bit out of our way since we drive to Deming, New Mexico and turn south for 36 miles, instead of turning north toward Denver.

We spent our last evening in Tucson with our daughter and her family, sharing a wonderful dinner that Chrissy made.  It has been great seeing the grandkids again and we are looking forward to seeing them again for Thanksgiving in a couple of months.

One thought on “Year 1 Day 23 Getting Ready To Head Down The Road”

  1. We just went through New Mexico this last summer. If you get a chance stop in at the Space History museum in Alamogordo. Very worthwhile.


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